Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! A Gift from Me to You

Stop the Sleigh! I want to get off.

Not many can say 2021 has been their most spectacular year - memorable, yes - rated on their top ten of best years ever, nah. At least it felt that way for this little black duck. In fact it's been more than a little 'puzzling'.

Yet amidst the terrifying onslaught of one tsunami (or blizzard in Santa speak) of frustration and disappointment after the other, seas settled just long enough (for a split second) to make a quick inventory of that which I thought was irrevocably lost over board during the wildest assaults. 

  • Health and family still there - just - check
  • Roof over my head - check
  • Rain sloughing through the gutters, greening the garden - glorious check
  • More books and stories published - yea ha, check
  • More book babies to look forward to in the new year - chuffed as, check.
  • Food on my plate, and stacking on my hips, oh well - still a big fat tick. And it continues. 

Despite continued inconvenience on the work front #thanksCovid, living with a Year 10 teen-something whose continual venomous declarations of distain wilted my very core, and a house full of visitors we never invited #begonetermites, guess what? The Christmas lights are still working. Aint that something!

I love lights all aglow like the faces of small humans at this time of year and no tidal waves of woe will ever change that. So, although it's been a hell of a year for most of us, I am grateful. Grateful beyond measure to be able to see another year of glittering, twinkling cheer fill darkened streets knowing full well it is no small miracle to have this simple privilege - especially when many do not. In the now immortal words of Eddie Jaku:  

Don’t blame others for your misfortunes. No one has ever said that life is easy, but it is easier if you love it. If you hate your life, it becomes impossible to live. Live the best life you can. Happiness is in your hands. Please, remember every day to be happy and to make others happy too. Make yourself a friend to the world.

So let's raise a glass to jolly old St Nick (with a glassful of Jolly St Nick cocktail) and drink to our immense GOOD FORTUNE and GOOD LIVES. To take your mind off the less beautiful bits of your year, my gift to you is, you guessed it - More Puzzles!

Click on ME (above) to complete this holly jolly jigsaw puzzle or click on the cutesy Christmas image of me roaring off into the snow storm of next year (below) for minutes of pure silly season enjoyment (at least they take me many minutes because - me + puzzles 😵 ).

Christmas cheer and gratitude to all that follow, comment, and live their best lives with me.

Happy Happy Christmas!


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