How to Build a Community through Social Media - Podcast Alert!

I've been a tad quiet on the reviewing front of late - choking on that old chestnut of life. So the irony of participating in a panel of motivated and moving Kids' Lit advocators and creators is not lost on this little black duck.

Despite possibly having  the lowest of social media engagement of this astounding panel line up, Ken, chief taco maker from the equally astounding podcast, Reading With a Chance of Tacos, still found reason to invite me along. And I'm glad I did! Chatting alongside the incorrigible Rory H. Mather, the savvy Vikki Conley and the social media phenomenon that is kids' book author, Scott Stuart was not only illuminating and insightful but a bagful of fun besides.

Tackling social media, creating (and maintaining) a meaningful presence while actually getting on with the business of writing are just some of the tasty morsels we ruminate over in this episode: How To Build a Community through Social Media. For me, it's all about a bunch of Es: Establish what you want to say and who you want to say it to; slug it to them with Energy in an Efficient and time savvy way that suits your life style and purpose, then Encourage followers and community support through consistent and relevant Engagement. Elementary really! 

So, whether you are ultra new to the game, want to know more, expand your reach or feeling a little jaded by the whole self-promo thing, grab a cuppa, sit back, settle in and have a listen! This could be the guidance you've been searching for.

Click on Scott's beaming dial below to listen or tune into Reading With a Chance of Tacos from your fav podcast platform. Bon appetite! Oh and don't forget, you can connect with any of these literary and SM wonders by clicking on their websites and following them, ME - aka Dimity Powell, included. 😁


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