Dim's Useful Clayton's Writing Tip # 1 (the tip you have when you've something useful to share that is not about writing)

Owing to several inscrutable Chinese genes floating throughout my system, I have a typically inherent inability to throw things away coupled with an innate abhorrence of wasting anything. So it happens, I am able to share with you a 'waste not want not' tip you may wish to adopt in the interest of recycling.

You know those incredibly expensive yet scent rich oil diffusers that always seem to last 20 days less than the prescribed 30 days? Well, once the oil has diffused, instead of chucking out the bamboo reeds, tuck them in between towels and sheets in your linen. Slide a few into your smalls drawer or tie a ribbon around a couple and hang them in your wardrobe.

The pervading scent gently perfumes your linen and clothes in a way that out lasts the scent of fabric softener and because the reeds are impregnated with oil but no longer wet, there's no danger of them staining anything.

If you like a subtly scented world in which to exist like me (because it helps me feel good and feeling good helps me write gooder... er... better), then give this a go.

Because they say blogs should be helpful...Hope this helps.


Great tip Dim, and if you use lavender it can help you unwind after a hectic day so you can write, or if you're tired you can use lemon or another citrus smell to make you more alert.

And I have to say this post is beautifully written, I loved the way you weaved your cultural heritage into the post. Gorgeous!
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Charmaine. Perhaps I'm better suited to dishing out home maker advice. You are right about the scents though. So uplifting to surround yourself in scent.

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