Made it

Following the last post which endeavoured to enlighten, enrich and enhance the lives of others, I now just have to share that which has enlightened, enriched and enhanced my life this morning...I WON.

Happiness is a numbness from the toes up, trembling fingers, nervous butterflies in my tummy and watery vision. I stop to ponder how many other fledgling writers must have experienced these sensations before me. Thousands no doubt, but that doesn't dilute the sensational news that my story, PS WHAT ABOUT CHRISTMAS? was chosen as one of the winners of the Morris Publishing Australia Full Publishing Contract Competition.

Elaine Ousten and the good folk at Morris Publishing have deemed the story credible enough to be shared with the world at large and I am thrilled to be able to make this happen with them. Can we do it? I've no idea....after all this is my first publishing contract. But somewhere amidst those butterflies is a tiny voice whispering...Yes you can.



So excited for you Dim. Of course you can do it. Go girl!
DimbutNice said…
I KNOW. Couldn't believe it. Sort of calm on the inside but physically reacting and wondering what the?
Anonymous said…
Yey yey yey, dancing around here! Congrats to you!
Knew you would do it !
Worth the time, study, questioning & doubts!
Your a star Dim.
J & M xx
Angela Sunde. said…
Congratulations, dear friend! Can't believe I only saw you yesterday. We could've been drinking champagne together in celebration! Will chill some for later. xxx
Madmother said…
Well done you!

Loved meeting you in person yesterday. Now I can say "I knew her before..." Lol.
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Jody! Oh and Angela, I didn't know till this morning of course, but as any one who knows me, knows that if I am forced to drink something bubbly, I am very partial to Verve ;-) Cheers and thanks.
DimbutNice said…
Madmother - yes how amazing? LOL. Excellent seeing you up there. Must make the trek up the mountain more often. It's a very special place.
Debbie said…
Congratulations Dimity, that's terrific news! You go girl! :)
DimbutNice said…
Cheers Debbie. Great incentive to keep on going I tell you.
rachel said…
That's fantastic news Dimity. Hope it all goes well. Have just read your story, "Marcie's Green Eyed Monster" on Creative Kids Tales. A beautiful story. The ending brought tears to my eyes.
DimbutNice said…
"Thanks again Rachel. It's been a delight running into you over the last few weeks too. :-) So glad you enjoyed Marcie's Green Eyed Monster. I still cry when I read it too...but then I'm a sook. ;-)
DimbutNice said…
Oh Rachel, I'm a dill pickle! I don't think I HAVE run into you yet! except in cyber space. But hopefully one day our paths will cross.

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