About Me

I try to embrace life with courage, humour and passion. I was born in Townsville, grew up in Adelaide and spent my childhood under a peach tree in the backyard consuming words.I wanted to be a Vet.

I qualified with a Business Diploma in Hospitality instead and embarked on a voyage of living which began with Hamilton Island and progressed throughout Europe,the Caribbean, America and the Med.

Unable to wash the salt water completely from my veins I returned to the Whitsundays  (with husband in tow) and worked in a sailing charter company before heading to the Gold Coast and becoming the Director of Marketing for my own Houseboat Company

Allowing time for a more sedentary existence enabled life to catch up with me in the form of my daughter. Forsaking all other careers I embraced motherhood with a fervour that enabled me to pursue another long dormant desire, To Write ~ For Children. And this I have been studying and doing since 2006.

 My Writing Goal is simple: To affect and enrich children's lives with stories. My objectives to achieve this include to avoid walking in front of buses before it happens.

I Specialise in: Being in two places at once. Getting anything to grow from seed. Making my own pasta and cheese. Writing with humour and honesty. Singing out of tune. Taming chooks. Can just about work a digi camera and computer too.

 I'm Mediocre in: Playing the Harmonica & Flute. Understanding politics. Losing my train of thought.

I'm Useless at: Most ball sports. Zumba. Enough said.

I invite you to READ to explore, learn and grow, to WRITE magic to share and entertain and to INSPIRE your imagination and passion to create. It's what I like to do.

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