Watch: reading@homeTV Episode 2 with Pippa!

Fly high with your favourite little book birdie! Yes, it's Pippa and together we were lucky enough to share the storytime couch with fellow picture book character, Glitch and Michelle Worthington on Channel 9Go's new children's educational show, reading@homeTV.

Reading@homeTV is one of three learning based programs devised by the Queensland Education Department's drive to deliver (shows to) support language and literacy development for children in kindergarten to Year 3. 

In collaboration with the Autism Hub and Reading Centre, the department partnered with Channel 9 and several well-loved local SE Queensland and interstate children's authors to read and share their favourite picture books. The program features reading coaches as well who read books aloud and facilitate interactive learning experiences to enhance every child's schooling-at-home experience. The show also encourages children to become involved with the Premier's Reading Challenge; you'll find Pippa listed on the 2020 Booklists.

A couple of Pippa's little fans getting excited by her TV debut (printed with permission)

For Pippa and I, this experience was a welcome expedition outside of the current Covid-induced restrictions providing a very real tangible way to reconnect with readers and youngsters we otherwise can't currently communicate with in real life.

Dimity in make up. Pippa appeared au naturel!

It was also pretty darn exciting being part of a real live TV shoot! One of the highlights for me was meeting the Auslan interpretor, Mike, who faithfully signs every page of our stories so that children every where are able to enjoy the magic of story time. Brilliant.

Watch Episode 2 below and tune in for more inspiring story time sessions every Tuesday and Thursday on Channel 9 GO (QLD). To catch up on past episodes, visit the Queensland Department of Educations' YouTube Channel.

Other programs in this educational stay at home initiative include learning@homeTV and coding@homeTV designed to appeal to primary and senior school kids. Each run on different days and times so check the schedule below.

While schooling children at home may not be everyone's cup of Milo, programs like this certainly help to colour and enhance the stay-at-home experience and I hope bring a little extra joy into the lives of both children and their parents.


Unknown said…
So excited for you and Pippa! What a joy to see friends on TV. Congratulations to Dimity and Michelle on this fantastic honour!
Much love,
Ali Stegert @SCBWI QLD
DimbutNice said…
Twas worth flapping about, Ali! So fun and I hope useful for families watching. I absolutely adore listening to stories read aloud so hope this program resonates well. x Dim
Norah Colvin said…
Congratulations, Dimity, you did a great job. Pippa certainly knows how to entertain.
DimbutNice said…
Thanks, Norah, she sure does! Practically...nay DID upstage me in the end, LOL!! :-D

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