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Empowering Change Through Education - Highlights from Holyrood Lane and Think Equal

From the second I heard Founder and President of Think Equal , Leslee Unwin utter the words of Socrates, ' education of the head without education of the heart is no education at all ' I knew this lady was so much more than just an advocate for change.   Helming the mighty force that is Think Equal , Leslee truly believes that through the process of narration, young people have the opportunity to develop their empathetic abilities - through stories, reading, conversations and experimental learning, change is made. We share a similar conviction, that books and story mediate empathy and create emotionally intelligent, sympathetic human beings who become critical thinkers able to self-regulate. It is why I embrace picture books with difficult subject matter. It is why Leslee supports the intent behind At The End of Holyrood Lane . Today I thank Leslee for her generous words of endorsement and applaud her and all that she does to empower communities across the globe