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Book Bites: More Father's Day Fun: Picture Books to Make Dads Laugh

Messy breakfast fry-ups. Fishing off a pier. Or just frolicking around in the garden. It doesn’t matter how you spend time with your father figure (even if that happens to be your Mum!), what’s important is that you do. This collection of picture books captures the fun and ridiculousness that many dads and granddads exemplify. Happy Father’s Day! Time For Adventure, Daddy Cartoonist and author, Dave Hackett is a master at flipping – storylines on their heads that is. I’ve never seen him flip physically in real life although I imagine he’d be good at that too. Time For Adventure, Daddy is the third in the Daddy picture book series that celebrates the unique relationship between dads and daughters (and sons). Like many pre-schoolers, young madams often have a bigger grip on the world than their size suggests. So with a firm guiding hand and enormous amounts of patient persuasion, this little girl manages to convince her duty-bound dad to come with her on picnic and enjoy the BIG bea