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Story City Social Impact Projects: EOIs Open

Are you a not-for-profit, academic with social research, or other type of social enterprise trying to do good in the world? On behalf of Story City , I'm super excited to announce the launch of the Story City Social Impact Projects . Their award-winning platform and team are volunteering their time and resources to bring your stories and the stories of those you help to life via interactive experiences, providing you with the ability to literally put the public in the shoes of your cause. Whether you help homeless veterans, residents of a region in historic conflict, a countryside newly ravished by fire, or refugees without access to education, if you’re looking to help marginalised people and those in need to have their voice heard, Story City can help. Find out more about the unique Story City Social Impacts Projects  offer and its  community mentors available by visiting their website . Applications are now open to projects across the world and close May 17t