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Book Bites: I Am Me - Picture Books About Self

Young children may not be consciously aware of it but every interaction and reaction they encounter builds their unique sense of self. Identity: a cryptic collection of characteristics, mindsets and personality traits that describe who you are to the world. But who are we really? And why is it important that children understand and develop their sense of self? What I love about this small collection of picture books is their ability to combine the notion of loving who you are in relatable visual story lines without explicitly forcing ideals down our throats. When less emphasis is given to maintaining differences and energies refocused on the actual joys of living, greater understanding and harmony is assured. So, let’s start our journey of self-discovery… Who am I? Philip Bunting is well-known for his strikingly simple artwork and nimble narratives. His ability to dress non fictional facts with tongue-in-cheek- humour ensures maximum enjoyment and depth of learning. This book not