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Review: Countdown To Danger: Choose Your Own Ending!

Wild undiluted adventure is the theme throughout this set of exciting Choose Your Own Ending ! books by the unstoppable, Jack Heath . This series has been around for a few years now but it never grows less thrilling to experience. And that’s exactly what reading the Countdown To Danger series is – an experience, because like most great ‘ you choose’ adventures, YOU are the hero and responsible for everything that happens from the minute you begin your adventure. Similar in fast-paced style to Heath’s Danger … Minutes series for older readers, this collection rewards the reader with heart-stopping multiple ending scenarios that play out in a finite time frame, 30 minutes to be precise. That’s not a lot of time to save the world or your mates but it sure does ramp up the intensity of these stories. I love the multi-ending aspect of this style of storytelling because just like in real life, not every outcome is enjoyable or good or anticipated. I mean who wants to be eaten by a giant