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Book Bites (literally!): Feeling Hungry?

You may not be feeling super ravenous after recent festive feasting but if you and your kids are anything like me, your appetite for funny picture books is sure to make you 'keep going back for more'. These couple of new releases are deliciously humorous and will help banish those ridiculous 'eat better' resolutions you made just days ago. Bon appetite!  Monster! Hungry! Phone! Sean Taylor is a British author of exceptional wit and unshakeable quirk. His stable of picture books includes a zoo of animals, manic monsters and the occasional unfortunate human. They are kid-friendly funny, unpretentious and inevitably illustrated by a selection of creatives whose style always seem to match Taylor’s cooler than cool narratives. Monster! Hungry! Phone! is a less than subtle parody of the classic 21 st Century conundrum: I’m hungry. What can I eat? Empty fridge. Rumbling tummy. Perhaps a fear of standing in a Covid infested queue of supermarket shoppers. What’s a monster