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5 More Things I Should Have Realised By Now

With little time to deliver a sensible, insightful, useful or otherwise entertaining post, these REALISATIONS grow ever more ostensible. 1. Glitter is harder to vacuum up than you'd think. My vacuum just tends to move it around the house. So if you don't mind your floors looking like a fairy has thrown up all over them, repeatedly, confine all glitter activity to the great outdoors. 2. School Holidays are not a good time to complete your next best seller. In fact abandon all hope of completing anything during this enforced hiatus. 3. I need a new vacuum. 4 . There is no finite number of times you can ask your significant other (aka common old husband) to do something. Better to stick a post it note bearing request to his forehead. He will act on it, eventually, when he feels like it or when somebody else politely points out he has a post it note stuck to his forehead. 5. Children under the age of four really do mean it when they say they love you. Anything beyond