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Your path to Enlightenment

Ever had a burning desire to increase your love of humanity believing that it will improve your chances of attaining true Enlightenment? A fool-proof way to achieve this is simply to make new friends. Not sure how? Read on... Next time you're waiting in queue at the supermarket checkout or coffee counter or (here's the clever bit) at the book-launch line for the autograph of a revered author, turn around to the person behind you and say, "Hey, you'll never guess who I know!" They'll start tingling with expectation and desire to find out; after all anything is better than just standing around, right? Tell them you know this person. She's a children's author (No way. Incredible. How fascinating. These are probably the thoughts swirling through their minds right about now) "Yes way." you confirm. "And she's not bad either." (Now here's the amazing bit) Let them know they can even read some of her work at this site calle