Welcome to this special place. It is whatever, wherever you wish it to be: a quiet nook beneath a sunny window, a cosy armchair swathed in your favourite throw, a hushed corner in a stately library, a shady patch under an apricot tree...It doesn't matter where you read as long as you do.

Here you will find some of my favourite reads, reviewed with open-hearted sincerity and a passion to not just share great children's stories but experience them as they were written to be - as a child.

Share them with any young people you know. Recommend them to those young at heart. Treasure them for yourself. Feel free to leave your impressions, too. After all, reading is subjective. Your interpretation of a story is what colours it with joy and purpose. Enjoy.

Please note that I am forever teetering atop a veritable Mt Everest of books and although I'd love to share every interesting story ever written, my disappointingly short human lifespan renders this impossible. Thus, I'm currently closed to unsolicited review requests. For full details, please visit, here. To read a review, simply click on any book cover image below. To enjoy the many dozens of books I've featured on Boomerang Books Blog over the years, visit my reviews at Boomerang Books.


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