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Hootenanny Book Launch

Winter time on Mount Tamborine . A melodious mix of wood smoke, cerulean skies, honey coloured sunshine and hot chocolates (with marshmallows the size of small clouds). And what better way to savour these delights than with a good book, the laughter of children and the odd nursery rhyme. That's exactly how we spent this morning, basking in the winter sunshine of   The Kitchen Table  at the Launch of "On the Night That We First Met ",  Hootenanny Book's inaugural publication. Creative Director and Editor, Nadine Bates, decided to put her heart where her mouth is and has not only produced Hootenanny's first picture book but also wrote it. Exquisitely illustrated by Slovakian Zlatica Hlavacova, On the Night That We First Met is a tender emotional recollection of a mother's first encounter with her new child. It gently emphasises that although a child may enter a family in many different ways, the way a child is acquired can never diminish the love and joy tha