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After the Storm - Launching into the Future

As I sit in disbelief, still reeling slightly at images of my old digs on an island in the Whitsundays that I used to call home, I reflect on what it means to loose something. The trees on Hamilton Island are completely denuded, reduced to leafless trunks standing damp and defenceless in a landscape that resembles a nuclear test sight. It is truly heartbreaking to see. Harbour View apartments Hamilton Island photo attribute Newcastle Herald I have some idea of what it must be like there. I have lived through one or two cyclones in my time, after all, even whilst on Hamilton but I can't pretend to know what those who've lost their homes, their boats, their livelihoods are feeling. Loss is a personal thing that affects each and every one of us in profoundly different ways.   On a far less violent and brutal front, now that the new-publication storm surrounding the launch of The Fix-It Man subsides, I take a further moment to reflect on this book of mine and Nicky

Fixing Things One Word at a Time

Today's feature in the Gold Coast Bullentin's Weekend Coast magazine lift out, sums up much of what I feel about what and why I create as a children's author. Read John Affleck's impressions on my 'compelling children's book in which healing a broken family takes more than a quick fix'. Befittingly, illustrator Nicky Johnston's melting illustrations 'say plenty' as well.   Read John's additional article in the Bully about, The Fix-It Man and my next picture book due out with EK Books in 2018, here .

Happy Publication Day!

Today, we celebrate this   in all its wonderful glory. Thank you EK Books and Nicky Johnston for being part of an amazing dream come true. I'll be celebrating with a live cross to ABC Canberra Radio . Feel free to pop a bottle of bubbles on my behalf until I return. 😊