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Two Birds on a Wire - Balancing with Heidi Cooper Smith

Balancing the extremes of childhood dreams, real-life realities and the myriad of other little collar-jerking moments that prevent you from ever walking a perfectly straight line is no mean feat. You'd be forgiven for feeling a little doo-lackey at times and having a laugh at yourself.  Debut picture book illustrator, Heidi Cooper Smith is someone capable of doing just that so today in celebration of her  launch of Two Birds on a Wire , along with author, Coral Vass , we uncover 5 Fun Facts about Heidi (+ one if you're counting, because I obviously can't. It's why I write.) When I was eleven, I wrote a series of picture books (unpublished!) called ‘Matilda Mouse and the War between the Cats and the Mice” and won a school award for them. I once played bass clarinet in a quartet with my principal, vice principal and senior mistress.   Yes, I was that cool. I have the worst sense of direction of anyone I know and am appallingly messy.   I often end up buying ar