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White Ribbon Day 23 November 2018

Two BIG days occur in the month of November: White Ribbon Day 23 November and the United Nations UNiTE to End Violence against Women: 25 November . Both aim to create societies where women and children can live in safety free from fear and abuse.  AT THE END OF HOLYROOD LANE is a picture book that dares to address this fear and provide acknowledgement and hope for suffers in abusive situations.  With its soft, supportive illustrations that encapsulate and extend the sensitive, subtle text superbly, and endorsed by a number of agencies concerned about the children caught in the middle of domestic violence such as Act for Kids , RizeUp , Paradise Kids , and Think Equal , this is a conversation starter that may bring a lot of comfort, help and hope to the children in our care.  Barabara Braxton , ReadPlus & The Bottom Shelf   I wrote this picture book because of a plea to create meaningful stories accessible to children suffering or witnessing family violence.