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Review: Cookie

Deep in a wooded land live a family united by love but also by the burden of anxiety. Then one day, a very shaky box deposits Cookie, who transforms them. Even as Mental Health Awareness month winds to a close, books like, Cookie remind us all of the mental anguish young people may experience at any time of their lives. For some, it may never cease, for others, finding solace in a soul like, Cookie is an indescribable source of comfort and hope. It is little secret I adore Border collies, having accrued a few myself. Border collie puppies are sweeter than candy and better than sunshine for brightening ones mood and making things better, so what better character than, Cookie, a charming black and white pup, to tell the story of his relationship with Girl.   Once Cookie settles into Girl’s family, Cookie learns to love Girl without restraint. Together they find the yummiest smells and discover the chewiest chewy things. Play time is fun time but Cookie appreciates cuddle snuggle t