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Christmas Countdown: Day 2 - The Tree & Tree Beings

Tree Beings Every single thing about this exquisite publication is tactile bliss. Sliding ones hand over the luxuriant cloth cover is akin to stroking the paperbark of a Maleuca. The subject matter is not only detailed in informative and meaningful text but shown in sumptuous detail, so authentic to the colour and texture of real trees, you’d swear illustrator, Sandra Severgnini has merely included close up photographs. But nothing is merely as it seems in Tree Beings . Every square inch of this book is teeming with movement and a multitude of secret tree-life waiting for keen young eyes to discover. Even the front cover hides at least 70 images within the stately image of the book’s name sake. It is truly beautiful. And purposeful too. Raymond Huber has gathered an inspiring clutch of tree wisdoms, scientific facts and real-life historical events together that marvellously present the majesty of trees, their plights at the hands of heedless humans and their absolute importance to