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The Next Big Thing

I'm excited. Christmas around the corner. Debut book, PS Who Stole Santa's Mail?  about to launch. The prospect of Santa visiting soon is enough to produce a smile even on the most chaotic of days. I'll be celebrating the imminent new arrival in November with several book launches and a ripper sleigh ride around some fantastic author blog sites (aka Blog Tour). Stay tuned for dates. But for now here is a preliminary glance into the world of Dimity Powell's first children's novel    - an interview conducted by the Next Big Thing Blog Hop. THANKS for the NOMINATION ELENA, of Answers From Blog.                 'THE NEXT BIG THING' BLOG HOP Q: What is the working title of your book? A: PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail? This is the published title. The working title was PS What About Christmas? Q: Where did the idea come from for the book? A: Amazingly from the local newspaper. Years ago an article appeared announcing the decreasing numbers of po

The Little Things

It's the tiniest, subtle changes in routine that an out of-work-husband being-at-home-all the time brings, that are creating the greatest disturbances. His presence has noticeably shifted the fragile balance I fight so hard to maintain between creative household management and things of a writerly nature. For instance; my laundry situation. I know, I know; it was a personal pact of mine to never air my dirty laundry socially, but now that the frequency of my coloureds load is compromised, now that my weekly wash routine is in complete disarray (I'm at a loss not having to wash drum-loads of uniforms), I feel compelled to explore the reason why. And it is simply because he is here. OK, maybe my problems are not that significant in the grand scheme of clean clothes management, but life-balance is a precious, delicate thing and when something like a stay-at-home-husband comes along and leans too heavily on one side of the scale, well, there's no telling where one'

Starting Fresh

I quit the gym this week. Not an earth shattering revelation but it was a harder thing to do than joining one. After twelve loyal years of sweating it out and pounding the treadmill, I'm cutting the emergency stop chord free. And not without some reservations. But at least it confirms that I do indeed belong to the human race; for I share the same two inherent dislikes that  most human beings have difficulty dealing with: change letting go Perhaps though, it is time for a change. Reduced physical activity should tie in nicely with my renewed writing commitment; to apply bum glue, stay put and write more. Okay, so not all life choices are wise ones. But not all in life is a matter of choice.

Like a Mountain in Springtime

It's Queensland Writers' Week in this neck of the woods. A time to embrace and celebrate the vibrant literacy culture of the Banana State. It's also a time of great activity as I embark on the launching of my debut novel , so my involvement this year is limited to a few humble blog posts. Here's the first of the week; a small knot of realisations spawned from some much needed time away over the school holidays to rest and recouperate. Running away from something is not always a bad idea, especially if there's a Rhino chasing you. Beauty is not always hidden and hard to find. It's just sometimes very discreetly placed so at first you don't notice it. Like a Mountain in Springtime It doesn't matter what you're running away from, or to, or even who you're running for; sometimes it's just good to run for the sake of it. To jog and loosen up all the cracked thoughts, to shake them free and make way for new ideas and inspirations. R