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Crystal Clear: At The End of Holyrood Lane Crystal Kite Award Winner

Flick, the little girl who lives at the end of Holyrood Lane is doing her happy dance right now. And why not, her story, At The End of Holyrood Lane has won the SCBWI Crystal Kite Members' Choice Award 2019 for the Australia New Zealand Oceania region. A snapshot of the 15 best books chosen from SCBWI regions around the world - courtesy SCBWI June INSIGHT newsletter As the scribe of her story, I'm feeling pretty chuffed, too. And a little overwhelmed and incredulous. I mean considering the incredible level of talent the other two shortlistees possessed, I honestly thought my day in the sun was had and was more than satisfied to bask in the warmth of just being shortlisted. But I confess, nothing brightens the life of an author like a bit of bling. Crystal bling no less! I should not have doubted the allure and strength of this story, though. After all, with a illustrative narrative provided by the exceptionally talented, Nicky Johnston , Flick had every chance