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Book Bite: Hippity Hoppity Easter Treats

To coincide with an effort to dramatically cut down on the amount of chocolate consumed this Easter season, I am sharing just a few Easter picture books this year. All guaranteed to assuage your Easter spirit in terms of humour and hankering for family fun time. For more, consider these past offerings from Dim’s Easter Goodie Basket . Or visit your local bricks and mortar bookshop for a sky-full of meaningful Easter reads. Little Wombat’s Easter Surprise Those familiar with, Charles Fuge’s , Little Wombat picture book series will already adore Little Wombat’s goofy allure and his woodland friends – yes he is globally connected on the animal friend circuit.   In this gorgeous Easter edition he is busy hunting for Easter eggs when a familiar looking stranger bounds past. He assumes it’s his buddy, Rabbit and is amazed to find it is actually, Bilby, an unrelated but similar looking cutie. Surprise number one. Rabbit and Bilby share multiple similarities and delight in their newfoun