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Progress Report

I am disappointingly not one of those writers that reports on each writing hurdle cleared. I am not given to mapping every new twist and turn I encounter on the wondrous sometimes ponderous path to publication, which is odd because I'm a natural over sharer. It's not because I don't want to share the experience, impart the new found realisations, or confirm the actualities of nursing your precious manuscript into existence. It's more a case of me being just too busy living the dream...(which also explains the long draught between posts) Plus I'm conscious of a few things: Success comes in many guises. Whilst getting your story to print is a wonderful ego boost and validation of your hard work, there hangs forever above the heads of most writers, the dreaded cloud of 'what if it really isn't good enough?' Will they all laugh at my deplorable writing style and tragic failure to connect with the reader? Will they even want to buy it? (Well they shou