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Author Video Interview: Me on Oswald

Dim and Ozzie. The subject of mental health can be blurred at times. The genesis behind a story is oftentimes as fascinating and alluring as the story itself. Understanding why an author chose to follow a character's calling, explore their anxieties, desires, hopes and dreams appeals to ones voyeuristic tendencies and makes the whole experience more sincere and substantial. This interview, conducted on behalf of Wombat Books explores my motivations for wanting to share Oswald's story.  Oswald Messweather is a picture book that I hope creates bridges between understanding and frustrations. The behavioural disorder of OCD is a debilitating condition for adults let alone children  to live with. The associated social fall-out that occurs from living with intense anxieties and perceived shortcomings is something very few of us successfully avoid. Perhaps sharing stories like this one will help lessen the gaps between stigma and support and provide children and their carers with h