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Healing the Heartache - With Paradise Kids and At The End of Holyrood Lane

Feeling unsafe in your own home is a bleak reality for many children, with family violence putting kids at risk of psychological as well as physical harm. Writing a picture book addressing this repugnant social issue is therefore no light matter. That so many in the industries of child welfare, psycho-education and counselling have gainfully supported and applauded this story, is almost something I cannot comprehend. Over the next few weeks, preceding the launch of my new picture book, At The End of Holyrood Lane , I hope to highlight some of the touching sentiments given so generously by those dealing with the fall out of domestic violence on the front line. Here is the first from the woman who inspired Flick's story, Deirdre Hanna . Paradise Kids has helped heal the heartache of children’s grief for over 20 years. Many children coming to Paradise Kids have experienced the trauma and loss of innocence of childhood from domestic violence. Children feel helpless in th