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Come Fly With Me - Pippa on Holidays

Pippa, the plucky little pigeon from her self-titled picture book, PIPPA , is getting her holly jolly Christmas groove into gear. She's about to take off on a festive adventure. Want to join her? Discover more about Pippa's story from this excellent write up by Kids' Lit advocate, Norah Colvin and stay tuned for the flight of a lifetime. #comeflywithme Norah's teachers' resource site, ReadiLearn is a plethora of writing tips, inspirational learning ideas, reading suggestions and educational advice suitable for lower primary aged children either in the classroom or at home, encouraging youngsters (and their guardians) to Live Love Laugh Learn . . . Create the possibilities. What beautiful sentiments at this time of year! Want to take off with more of my stories? Swoop on by my website any time.

Book Bites: Christmas All The Way

Ask any grandparent: is there any better gift than a book? I may be biased of course, but for me, the go-to-gift at Christmas time, nay any time of year, is inevitably a book. Why? Because it is simply one of those gifts that keeps on giving and giving. A treasured book is a keepsake children can develop a deep gratitude and love for over many years. It’s a vessel of shared time, affection and aspirations. In short, a book gift is a precious thing. Here are some of this season’s best but don’t take my word for it; explore your bookshops this summer for even more sublime stories to share with your loved ones. The Lonely Christmas Tree Based on the Yuletide poem, A Visit from St Nicholas ( T’was The Night Before Christmas ), this gorgeous stocking-sized picture book follows the rhyme and cheer of the original poem but with a cute twist. This rendition centres on a poor forlorn pine tree, alone in the forest who, with a little help from a certain someone, eventually finds solace

Book Bites: Nurturing Nature

This week’s round up of inspiring Christmas ideas covers even more titles, some non-fiction that entrance and enhance both a child’s knowledge and imagination. All will make elegant and welcome additions to any Christmas stocking. Searching for Cicadas Part nonfiction and part narrative, Searching for Cicadas is an inviting story of a boy and his grandfather and their summertime excursion to go cicada-watching and is part of the Nature Storybooks series. It’s a lyrical tale warmly illustrated reflecting Aussie bush landscapes and close up encounters with one of the most intriguing of our bush insect characters. Prose is interspersed with detailed fact about a number of cicada species and their fascinating habits and lifecycles. Title: Searching For Cicadas Author: Lesley Gibbes Illustrator: Judy Watson Publisher: Walker Books, $26.99 Publication Date: August 2019 Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781922244420 For ages: 4 - 9 Type: Non Fiction Picture Book Buy the B