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Socially Write Stuff

Have it on good advice that to get ahead in this game one must become socially aware, media savvy, globally out there . OK. So set up various means of communicating with the Occupants of the Globe. Alright. Now spend countless hours delving in Occupants' thoughts, opinions, advice and more overwhelmingly, their observations about what a glorious day it is outside. Being a bit old fashioned I still like to actually get outside, linger in a pool of weak winter sunshine and write about it in my diary. To no one. Writing to no one is wonderfully cleansing and pressure free. But alas once the sun sets I find myself here again, writing about not writing to an audience for the Occupants of the Globe. Why? Because I'm human. And we humans seem to love to Share, EVERYTHING, whether the other Occupants of the Globe want it or not. It's a basic built in survival technique. What's the point of being the only Chimpanzee left in the world in a tree full of fruit? Better to let a