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Book Bites: Father's Day Fun

Roll out the wheelbarrow. You’re going to need it to hold the barrow-load of beaut books tossing around to share with Dad this Father’s Day. These are some of the best funny-bone-tickling picture books around right now plus I’ve thrown in something that helps Dad maintain his ‘legendary’ status. As if he needed any help… Dad Hacks: 101 Easy Tips to Save Families Time and Money Celebratory chippie, Rob Palmer , has thrown together a truly gob-stopping compendium of DIY hacks, many originating from his hugely successful YouTube Channel. Conveniently grouped into categories that cover every skill from surviving life around the home with kids, DIY basics, the great outdoors and even baking, I tell you, this page-by-page guide is easy to read and understand. Best of all, the hacks actually work! I love Palmer’s down-to-earth, laconic chatty style.  He shares his survival secrets (a few words of backstory accompany many of his tips) with sincerity born from experience (having th