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Rounding up the Reindeers

There were plenty of KABOOM moments in this little black duck's writing year. Thanks to everyone for following, commenting, supporting and just turning up now and then for a cuppa and friendly chat; all necessary components to keep my writing wheels spinning. Here's the sparest list I could compile of my writerly milestones to date. I promise I will be bothering you a lot less in 2013 because I've ordered a giant vat of bum glue and plan to apply it to my writing chair early next year. Till then, Happiest of the Christmases to you all. May your holiday season be filled with interesting reads, words you'd like to write and keep, and inspiration to simply smile. Writing Round Up: Won placings in writing for kids competitions 5 times. Published on line several times. Won my first publishing contract. Released my first children's junior novel, PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? Hopped aboard Boomerang Books Blog as Children's book reviewer. Join the Socie