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Magic Fish Dreaming - Kickstarting a Dream

The sun shines with forcible brightness here in SE Queensland most days but at times, the radiance of those that I meet in my quest to fill pages for young people with my inner most hopes and dreams, outshines it all. Two such luminaries within my tribe are author, photographer, June Perkins and fine artist and children's book illustrator, Helen Magisson . Together, they have embarked on a adventurous and exquisite project, creating a lusciously illustrated book of poetry for children, Magic Fish Dreaming . To float this dream collaboration, a Kickstarter funding campaign is underway. Whilst we can not always support every worthy project and needy cause, I urge you to have a look at this project that not only encapsulates the work of two very gifted artists but showcases the very essence of Far North Queensland, my birth place and one of the most richly diverse places on earth. Read on for information about Magic Fish Dreaming's creators, the Kickstarter crowd funding pr

Live the Dream - Meet the Legends - An Invitation

Original artwork by Ken Best You've seen my last post telling you all about Story City , the exciting new FREE APP that takes you, the reader, to the very heart of the story, and allows you to quite literally smell the roses, or tread the pavement or in some harrowing cases, stave off mutant zombie cockroaches...well of course you have. Well, wait...there's more. Story City is based on choose-your-own adventure style storytelling that has been re-imagined specifically for the digital age. Not only are the stories compelling, entertaining and informative with something for all ages to enthuse and drool over, they also encourage exercise, curiosity and discovery. Families can do the adventures together, as can tourists or those less familiar with the public spaces they reside in. Tim Baker An eclectic collaboration of local artists, musicians, voice-over talent and writers produce these amazing adventures and now you have the chance to MEET THE LEGENDS in perso