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Happy Release Day! This Is My Dad

Now, more than ever, we need reasons to be happy, right! When mayhem reigns supreme and suffering escalates, it is sometimes hard to validate ones own happiness when one is not experiencing hardship firsthand but, as I have learned over the years, one should never, EVER dismiss their own moments of glory nor smother their own exclamations of happiness believing this will make them 'feel better'. True compassion is understanding and supporting, not denying and suppressing your own good feels. Everyone is entitled to feel joy and exultation.  And so, on this most notable of days - Dr Seuss' Day - his birthday - I am elated to pop a few virtual corks and announce the Happy Publication Day of, THIS IS MY DAD ! !! This is My Dad is a timely, important and heart-warming look at modern family dynamics. It highlights that families come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all worthy of celebration. With one in four children in the UK living with a single parent, and 90% of those