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Book Bites: Discovering Science

Science. It really is the essence of life, or at least that’s what my Chemistry teacher always led me to believe. And I do, believe in science that is. I think because it is so darn interesting. If you are looking for meaningful, entertaining and interesting Christmas gift ideas that educate at the same time, look no further than some of these radically wonderful, non-fiction, science-y titles. I See, I See This little gem is simple and playful in presentation, a lot like Herve Tullet’s , Press Here and Let’s Play series of board books. But don’t be fooled by its economic word play and solid blocks of singular colours and patterns for this artful conception not only enthrals individual readers, it is specifically designed to entertain two or more readers…at the same time. Right side up and upside down text teams with ambiguous or reversible images, which invite page turns and plenty of oohs and aahs. One reader might see up , and the other see down for instance. You don’t n