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It's begining to taste a lot like Christmas

 I know, these are food shots and not very brilliant ones. But that hardly matters when you're gobbling down fist fulls of bonsai gingerbread men and mouthwatering fruit mince pies. It's beginning to taste more like Christmas now. For recipes and more Christmas fun, check out the PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? downloads page on my website . You'll be whipping up rounds of Santa's favourite sweet treat in no time. Created by Dimity, iced by her husband, consumed by the neighbourhood children  

Dim's Web Site

Like many things I attempt by hand, they can be a long time in the making and never quite perfect. But it's sure fun having a go at getting them right. So now, here, just in time for Christmas - Dim's shiny NEW WEBSITE . It's bright and has lots of bits of me in it. I hope you like it. Let me know either way. Enjoy.