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Book Bites: Hunting for the Perfect Easter Picture Book

Over the years, I may have reviewed as many Easter themed picture books as I’ve gobbled Easter eggs…well maybe not quite as many; there’s no accounting for my insatiable appetite for chocolate. It’s that time of year when sweet expectations and spirituality soar. Family converge to celebrate the renewal of life and we pause to welcome new beginnings. Easter is many different things, not least of which an opportunity to share a few less rushed moments together. This Book Bite list is but a sparse suggestion of the many glorious picture books, new and old, that you could share with your young ones this Easter.   Hop Little Bunnies This utterly alluring lift-the-flap picture book oozes springtime fancy and every cute cuddly countryside baby animal you can think of. Lambs, bunnies, chicks and ducklings bounce along in merry nursery rhyme fashion after our egg-toting bunnies rouse the sleepy youngsters. Bursting with exuberant rhyme, soft springtime colours and an abundance of f