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OCD Awareness Week 2021

October marks a myriad of mental health milestones. And while the swirl of acronyms and dates, hashtags and headlines may set your mind tumbling into confusion, take heart in the solid certainty that now, more than ever before, the acknowledgement of and support for people in mental distress and decline is growing. And that is a good thing, too great to measure. Why? Because it allows people to recognise, accept and most importantly, REACH OUT for help when  they need it most rather than live in quiet shame and agony. This is an admission I myself am slowly coming to realise, as well... How though does this all relate to my advocacy to create Kids' Lit with heart, soul and purpose? Well,  occasions like: OCD Awareness Week, Mental Health Month , Disability Awareness month to name but a few, all serve as avenues for sufferers of mental illness or those whose peers and or family are afflicted with mental disorders and conditions, to explore and learn more. In short to become more