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Clever Kookie!

Does anyone remember the old Jinty,  Penny, and Misty Annual s? They ran from the mid 70s until around 1986. These collections of comic print strips, stories, recipes and profile features used to entertain and mystify me as a young teen for months and months. I still have my original copies, yellowed and redolent of a childhood faded by not forgotten. Last year I was super lucky to be recommended to contribute to the Kookie magazine . My short story, Perfect Prue a perfect fit for their mandate of supplying young pre-teen girls with  a rounded and optimistic sense of who they are and what they could become. It featured in Issue 6 in March 2019. Illustration from Perfect Prue by Emma Reynolds Since receiving my own precious copies and experiencing first hand the countless stimulating, educational and entertaining articles and activities stashed within its 100% ad-free pages, I have been a massive fan; my thirst for eclectic bright, sassy yet meaningful content reignited.