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Book Bites: Christmas All The Way

Ask any grandparent: is there any better gift than a book? I may be biased of course, but for me, the go-to-gift at Christmas time, nay any time of year, is inevitably a book. Why? Because it is simply one of those gifts that keeps on giving and giving. A treasured book is a keepsake children can develop a deep gratitude and love for over many years. It’s a vessel of shared time, affection and aspirations. In short, a book gift is a precious thing. Here are some of this season’s best but don’t take my word for it; explore your bookshops this summer for even more sublime stories to share with your loved ones. The Lonely Christmas Tree Based on the Yuletide poem, A Visit from St Nicholas ( T’was The Night Before Christmas ), this gorgeous stocking-sized picture book follows the rhyme and cheer of the original poem but with a cute twist. This rendition centres on a poor forlorn pine tree, alone in the forest who, with a little help from a certain someone, eventually finds solace