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Like a Mountain in Springtime

It's Queensland Writers' Week in this neck of the woods. A time to embrace and celebrate the vibrant literacy culture of the Banana State. It's also a time of great activity as I embark on the launching of my debut novel , so my involvement this year is limited to a few humble blog posts. Here's the first of the week; a small knot of realisations spawned from some much needed time away over the school holidays to rest and recouperate. Running away from something is not always a bad idea, especially if there's a Rhino chasing you. Beauty is not always hidden and hard to find. It's just sometimes very discreetly placed so at first you don't notice it. Like a Mountain in Springtime It doesn't matter what you're running away from, or to, or even who you're running for; sometimes it's just good to run for the sake of it. To jog and loosen up all the cracked thoughts, to shake them free and make way for new ideas and inspirations. R