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Keep Calm - Creativity is Contagious!

With the world in upheaval and enforced isolation encouraging a surge of forgotten habits such as staying put and reading more, I happened upon an old copy of the Winter 2019 SCBWI Bulletin. The article that caught my eye was by Susan Salzman Raab, a SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) marketing consultant and the author of An Author's Guide to Children's Book Promotion. Susan spoke about the expression of human rights and how we as creators are obligated in no small way to help the forward movement and enforcement of human rights through our roles as storytellers and story sharers. I found her discussion meaningful and inspiring, ironically, even more so in our current climate of disruption and uncertainty. Judge for yourself. Excerpt from Sarah's SCBWI article Winter 2019. 'Children’s authors and illustrators have always had a unique role – that of being allowed to share their ideas with other people’s children. And the canon of