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Trail Blazing ~ An Introduction to Book Trailers

First cab off my rank at this year's CYA Conference in Brisbane, was an Introduction to Book Trailers by exciting Children's Author and Presenter Tristan Bancks .  I'd been hearing plenty of who ha recently about the necessity of creating Book Trailers, and having viewed a few, was naturally curious as to what all the furore was about. Tristan presented a very straightforward over view of the importance, creation and role of Book Trailers for we literary folk. Here are some of the main points to consider if you are contemplating this form of promotion. A Book Trailer should be all about bringing a story alive Visually . It is essentially  an Animated Blurb of your book ; the vehicle with which a story is brought alive visually. They can be about YOU or YOUR BOOK. You may not have a published work to share yet but could just share yourself. Tristan's Intro trailer featuring Max Slater HuntsThe Cool Book Trailers should include : - An Introduction: in ord