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Review: Turtle Trackers

I find it very hard to fault Samantha Wheeler's work. Simultaneously entertaining and informative, her eco -issue-based junior / middle grade novels have a keep-forever-quality that calls loudly to young animal lovers. Turtle Trackers is exactly that; a rousing, endearing tale about a young boy still in the grips of grief after the loss of his father, living and maintaining a seaside caravan park with his mother who yearns to learn more about the conversation of nesting turtles that frequent their stretch of coastline. The massive fly in Isaac’s ointment is that he is perpetually flat out running errands for his mother, cleaning the park and maintaining relations with caravan park guests. There is precious little time for anything else including fun. The quirky cast of permanent park guests adds colour, verve and welcome humor, while the arrival of a famous yet feisty travel blogger sends everyone into a tither. Isaac tries in vain to balance his park duties with his 10-yea