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What's in a Name?

Pseudonym, alias, non-de-plume, literary double, pen name ~ aka ~ not your real name. Why do people use names other than those which were whimsically or half wittingly slapped onto them at birth? Why do writers in particular choose fictitious names to write under? The answers to these questions are probably as varied and colourful as the stories of those who use them. When I married, I thought long and hard about surrendering my maiden name. I was advised not to. But acquiesced with tradition and assumed my husband's surname to the chagrin of many (mainly work colleges and business associates). From the age of 13, I was reminded repeatedly what a great name I had: it's unusual, it's pretty, wow what an awesome name, you'll end being a movie star with a name like that. I kid you not.  Have I stifled my chance of attaining greatness simply by shifting from a Dimity Selina Zee  to a Dimity Selina Powell? Maybe. Maybe not. Let's look at the reasons