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Writing Wonderworlds

The words on the banner above state that I possess a desire to make reading and writing more inspired for children. They are not spoken lightly. As part of the Coomera Rivers SS Book Week in May festivities, I have the privileged honour of being their guest author. Throughout the week I've been presenting writing workshops and reading sessions to over 500 primary aged kids and their teachers. Nothing gives me more of a buzz than a room full of enthusiastic faces and arms thrust so far into the air (to proffer answers and anecdotes) I'd swear their fingers were full of helium. Together we explored the purpose, importance and structure of story telling. They discussed what makes a good read. They shared their reading secrets and writing aspirations with me. They set free their creative selves with exuberant abandon. And they committed to every writerly task asked of them. They enthused over the marvellous Book Fair displays in their i Centre with it'

Celebrate Learning

In case you didn't know State Education Week 2012 is currently in full swing. It's a week where State Schools across Queensland celebrate not only the achievements of students within these schools but also their teachers. Among the multitude of planned activities, Principal for a Day, My Favourite Teacher awards, morning teas, parades and community sharing sessions are all being celebrated, giving the entire extended school community the opportunity to celebrate the joys and rewards of teaching and learning. I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a thoroughly enjoyable morning of reading and presenting alongside fellow guest authors, Renee Taprell and Candice Lemon-Scott at the Helensvale State School . Dimity working with Monty the Monster Candice and her Ferret  Renee sharing a picture book  Both of these ladies are no strangers to children's literature; Renee being a keen picture book writer and Candice

Mother's Day in Review

Is it just me or is Mother's Day getting better as I age? Is this a natural phenomena that occurs as your children age? Am I more relaxed about the state of the kitchen after the 'We'll get breakfast for you" attempts? Maybe it's the fact that the words hand written on her painstakeningly crafted card are more legible this year. It could be the fact that I actually don't mind sweetly scented gifts and homemade picture frames. Or was it because my plan to get out of the house and therefore divorce myself completely from the temptation to 'just finish this job...' went off like a charm, that my Mother's Day was so memorable? It could have been the biting mountain air, the dazzling mosaic of auburn and amber autumn leaves, or the sublime buttery sunshine that filled my day with magic. Personally, I think it was simply hearing, "Happy Mother's Day Mummy" repeatedly delivered by the very person who qualified me to enjoy it all in the