At The End of Holyrood Lane

At The End of Holyrood Lane. My second picture book with dream illustrator, Nicky Johnston and EK Books.

Flick is just like any other youngster. She loves to chase butterflies and tussle autumn leaves but life at the end of Holyrood Lane is often violent and unpredictable due to the constant storms that plague her home causing her to cringe with dread and flee whenever they strike. Flick tries her best to quell and endure the storms’ persistent wrath until one day, with nowhere left to hide Flick summons the courage to face her fears by asking for help to overcome them.

At the End of Holyrood Lane is a metaphorical glimpse at one aspect of domestic violence and how it affects young lives. It is a tale of anxiety shown through the eyes of a small being with an intense dislike for thunderstorms, a fear shared by many young children. Subtle duality is used to evoke a gentle awareness for young readers who may be suffering their own domestic torment but are too scared or unsure of how to seek help and shelter from their storms.

But of course this story is so  much more than that...

I'll be filling you in on the highs, lows, joys and beautiful stories surrounding this special book very soon. Meantime visit my website for all the details and most recent reviews.

Or, watch the beautiful book trailer, Nicky made.

Or - even better - if you are anywhere near Brisbane on the 23 September 2018, pop on over to the official Book Launch to secure your own signed copy, share a cup cake with me and find out more about the story behind this story as we help it come alive. Here is your invitation:

For those who were there to share the joy, those who couldn't make it and those who simply love celebrating the love of kids' lit, this is for you: Click on the image below to view the Book Launch Celebration of At The End of Holyrood Lane.

INTERVIEWS with Dim on Flick 

Click on the links below to discover more about the story behind Flick's story - the little girl who lives at the end of Holyrood Lane.
Click on the above image for further information about Domestic Violence prevention and Support

Dr Kylie Stephen, Director of Women, Violence Prevention and Youth Strategy and Partnerships Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women QLD commends this work in tackling the difficult subject of domestic and family violence, as it relates to and impacts on children. 

She states, additional support is needed for children who experience domestic and family violence.

The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is committed to ensuring Queensland women and their children live without the fear, threat or experience of violence.

The Queensland Government is taking action through a number of strategies including:

·         The Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Strategy 2016 – 2026 along with the accompanying Second Action Plan which will transform the way the department works with all sectors of the Queensland community to better protect victims and hold perpetrators to account. To find out more, please visit

·         The Queensland Violence against Women Prevention Plan 2016–22 which is designed to address the gendered nature of violence against women and their children. More information on this Plan is available at

Thank you for taking an active part in making a difference to those children experiencing domestic and family violence.


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