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Review: Devils In Danger

Samantha Wheeler’s philosophy that ‘Everyone can make a difference’ not only appears in all of her eco-themed middle grade novels, it inspires youngsters to strive determinedly and dream big. Devils in Danger embodies this notion in forest-fulls namely, Tasmanian forests. Grader sixer, Killarney is not a lover of school. She believes learning is best left to those without ambitions of becoming an ace hairdresser, like she has. Using her talented hair-styling mother as a role model, Killarney struggles to involve herself in studies, preferring the robust life of walking the neighbour’s dog around her Tasmanian hometown when not performing barista duties for her mother’s clients. When the horrific screaming and yelping begins, Killarney’s family are thrown into confusion. Could a murderer be on the loose in their sleepy township? Why would a murderer steal towels and scarves? Killarney soon discovers the cause of the hellish night noises and mysterious going-ons with the help of a v