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What's a Postmodern Picture Book? AFCC Sessions Part 8

Me and Dr Ruth Wong Perhaps one of the most stimulating sessions I moderated was Dr Ruth Wong's Interactive Narration: Having Fun with Postmodern Picture Book s.  Now although I consider myself a voracious and reasonably well-informed reader of picture books, the term 'postmodern' did befuddle me a little. It wasn't until I delved a little deeper into definitions that I realised, I had been savouring this style of picture book narrative for years. So what exactly is a postmodern picture book and what value do they represent for young readers. Ruth was on hand to explain. Characteristics of Postmodern picture books : Directly addresses the reader, thus acknowledging readers as active agents of the reading process Offers an overt invitation to interact and play or involve the reader with the book, not just the story readers become participants (good for one on one reading) Emphasis on implications for teaching and allowing educators to appreciate learning thr