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Why I like Chinese New Year

Yesterday marked the beginning of a 14 day festival for the Chinese New Year of the Snake . Without labouring on the origins or traditions of this colourful and significant celebration which I've been fortunate to know since childhood, here are a couple of reasons why I like it: It's a chance to restart 2013. If the first couple of months or so haven't quite panned out expectation-wise, no matter. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this is when it really all kicks into gear. It's cool labelling each new year with a symbolic zodiac animal. This is the Year of the Snake (or Black Snake). Meticulous, agile and able; usually gets on with everyone, but often quick tempered. These are snake attributes which quite frankly apply to this little black rooster too. None-the-less I am hoping to apply some sophisticated, silky and smart snake-ness to my writing world this year. I love stuffing my self with Chinese delicacies. I don't follow the traditional fare ea