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New Year's News - Sneaking a peak at what's to come

The race to Christmas felt more frenetic than a skyful of reindeer on a gingerbread sugar rush so in an extreme effort to replace the usual SE Queensland Christmas glitter and heat, I headed overseas to the only equatorial city on earth that could celebrate Christmas with even more glitter and heat, Singapore. Not as bad a choice as you may think. There were sites a plenty to keep us goggling well into the fairy-light encrusted evenings, cheap local delights to banish every sensation of hunger, and enough chilled department stores pumping out Michale Buble carols to remind us what time of year it was. But 'dreams and schemes and holidays must always have an end' and as another summer of  magnificent holidays melts into a new school term and a new full year, I pause for thought. There's a heck of a lot about to happen and a lot that has already happened in Dim's world of words. Here are some of the more 'wow factor' ones that it's about time I made a b